ten Motives Why Folks Are Poor

FinanceIn a previous post I discussed why the expense of debt has small influence on investments. What about the expense of equity? Firms normally use (much) much more equity than debt to finance their investments. So the expense of equity ought to matter more. In a current study , Murray Frank and Tao Shen investigate how the price of equity and the weighted typical expense of capital (WACC) influence investments of US firms. Remarkably, they uncover that the expense of equity and the WACC are positively related to corporate investments. Firms with a greater estimated expense of equity and WACC tend to invest considerably more. That is a very strange result. We would expect firms with a high expense of capital to invest much less, not more.

If you have truly taken the road to frugality- it really is taken a perspective shift. If you are committed to living big …

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